Bored In Paris?

I can’t imagine that you could be, but maybe you want to know what’s happening back here in Bodega.

Saturday was quite eventful. Gary Sauter’s tools went on sale. Jonas and his brother in law (Gary’s son in law) were charged with the bittersweet duty of setting prices and watching history slowly make its way out the door and down the street. I bought a Rockwell circular saw and a drill for almost nothing, and promised that they would both see lots of productive use.

That same morning on the way home from the gym A guy in front of me on a motorcycle got hit by a woman who turned left into him and spun him around and destroyed his bike. I found out pretty quickly that I had no idea where the emergency flashers are in my Mercedes, and that all that stuff from my first aid class in June actually stuck in my head somewhere. The guy was ok, but seriously in shock, as he jumped (well not jumped exactly) up and tried to push his bike to the side of the road. There were lots of us there to help and he pretty much collapsed when he got to the side of the road. He’ll be ok. Just bruised. I wanted to punch the lady (girl) in the SUV who hit him, as she was on a cell phone almost the whole time. Grrrr.

Saturday night was the Bodega Polenta feed and I went downtown to check it out but lost interest when I realized it was mostly folks from St. Theresa’s.

Angel Island has somehow caught fire and although it is said to now be 75% contained, it appears to be half deforested. I’m wondering if I can get involved in the revegetation process. I love Angel Island, and Racoon Straight and that whole part of the bay. Sailing past there is so cool.

Everything’s great here at home, the cats are fine, Malcomb’s fine, and the big fish is I think getting bigger.

Here’s a picture of your orchid:

the little wonder

the little wonder

Happy Indigenous People’s Day, and Happy Canadian Thanksgiving. Spill some wine on Jim Morrison’s grave for me (or not), and have a fantastic time. I’ll keep the home fires burning (so to speak).



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