Indigenous People’s Sunrise Gathering @ Alcatraz Island

Thursday, November 27, 2008

This is a one day event. Boats depart Pier 33 at 4:45am, 5:00am, 5:15am, 5:30am, 5:45am and 6:00am. The Indigenous People’s Sunrise Gathering is a commemoration of the start of the 1969-71 occupation of Alcatraz by the “Indians of All Tribes.”

Purchase and print tickets on the web. Tickets can also be purchased by calling 415 981-7625 or at the Pier 33 ticket booth. The ticket booth opens at 4:00 am on Thursday, November 27, 2008. Tickets are $14.00 per person. Children under age 5 are free.

Please note that there are no regular Alcatraz tours offered on Thanksgiving Day, November 27, 2008. All participants in the Indigenous People’s Sunrise Gathering must return to Pier 33 Alcatraz Landing in San Francisco on the last boat which will depart Alcatraz Island at approximately 8:45 am.

…And then it’s off to Mom & Dad’s for some quality family time. and maybe a little surf.

via Indigenous People’s Sunrise Gathering


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