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abner gets loaded

abner gets loaded

So, these were of course empty. Last year they still had a few bottles left in ’em. I did have a nice swim today though. Damn cold but fun as hell. I hadn’t been in for a while, and it was DAMN cold, but I wore a long sleeve rash guard and my squid lid and it was kind of ok. Did I mention it was DAMN cold? I didn’t do a mile, in fact I only did half but – say it with me now – it was DAMN cold. The pond has aerators which constantly bubble and bring cold water up from the depths. This is pretty noticeable in the summer when the rest of the ponds water temp is relatively warm, and the area near the bubblers is quite cool, but in the middle of november, it’s just cold and colder. And the colder areas are pretty unpleasant to swim through. I kept thinking about the woman that swam to antartica, and how is that possible? or am I such a wimp?

Bodega nov. 13, 2008

Bodega nov. 13, 2008


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