Arnold – Sign the budget!

It’s like a child telling Santa, “If you don’t bring every single item on my list, then stay out of my chimney.”

Other than his taste for Hummers (FU H2!),  I can’t think of a huge reason for having been really pissed off at  Schwarzenegger in the past.  But his current refusal to sign the budget is asinine. Funding for dozens of environmental projects our company is currently engaged in now stand in question. In fact it appears that Arnold has chosen to follow in the regressive, destructive path of George W. Bush by eliminating environmental regulations in an attempt to boost construction in the state. What an idiot! Rather than see forward to a green economy, he would rather send us back to the dark ages of mindless development, unconcerned with the impact on future generations.   Thanks Arnie.

Assembly Democrats Urge Governor Schwarzenegger to Sign Budget Solutions- California State Assembly Democratic Caucus.


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