Armstrong applauds Landis’ return

VeloNews | Armstrong applauds Landis’ return | The Journal of Competitive Cycling..

“People serve their time, and when their time is up they get to go back to work,” said Armstrong. “Sometimes I get frustrated with people who criticize his return, and then they stand up and cheer when David Millar returns.

“It’s the same thing. You serve your suspension, get back on the bike.”

Armstrong said Italian Ivan Basso, the biggest name in the peloton to be snared by the Operación Puerto drugs scandal, should also be given a second chance.

“There’s no point in criticizing Basso or Landis ─ they’ve paid their penalty … that’s normally the way society works and let’s forgive and forget and get back on down the road,” he said.


Israel to begin unilateral Gaza cease-fire

Israel to begin unilateral Gaza cease-fire at 2 A.M. – Haaretz – Israel News.

The announcement comes after three weeks of fighting in the coastal strip, as Israel launched a massive military offensive aimed at halting years of daily rocket fire on its southern communities. Palestinian sources say that more than 1,100 Gazans have been killed since the offensive began on December 27. Three Israeli civilians and 10 Israel Defense Forces have been killed during that period.

Hamas defiant – Al Jazeera

Hamas, however, said it would continue fighting in Gaza as long as Israeli troops remained in the Hamas-ruled Strip.

“If the Israeli military continues its existence in the Gaza Strip, that is a wide door for the resistance against the occupation forces,” Osama Hamdan, a Hamas official in Lebanon told Al Jazeera.

Fawzi Barhum, a Hamas spokesman, said: “The Zionist enemy must stop all its aggression, completely withdraw from the Gaza Strip, lift the blockade, and open the crossings. We will not accept the presence of a single soldier in Gaza.

“The enemy’s declaration of a unilateral ceasefire confirms that this is a unilateral war launched in one direction, from the enemy upon our people,” Barhum, who is in Gaza, said in a statement.

Speaking at a forum in Beirut, Hamdan called on Arab leaders to stand by the Palestinian “resistance” and urged European nations to cut ties with Israel for its “crimes” in Gaza.

Martin Luther King Recording Found In India : NPR

All Things Considered, January 16, 2009 · In February and March 1959, Dr. Martin Luther King and his wife, Coretta Scott King, traveled throughout India. Nearly 50 years after that visit, staff at All India Radio discovered a message taped by Doctor King. In it, he emphasizes his intellectual debt to Mahatma Gandhi’s message of nonviolent social action.

At least 51 Palestinian civilians, including women and children, were confirmed to be among those killed in the Gaza Strip.

On Monday, Egyptian authorities allowed ambulances carrying several wounded Palestinians to cross into Egypt through the Rafah border crossing for medical treatment.

Hospitals in Gaza have been overwhelmed by casualties since Israel started its aerial blitz on the territory.

Egypt also allowed lorries loaded with humanitarian aid to enter its border crossing with the Gaza Strip. Lorries with food and medical supplies have been lining up outside the Egypt-Gaza border since early morning.

The UN relief and works agency said on Monday that at least 51 Palestinian civilians, including women and children, were confirmed to be among those killed in the Gaza Strip.

Al Jazeera English – Middle East – Israel in ‘all-out war’ with Hamas.

An Iditarod Without the Dogs

Bill Merchant is the man responsible for 1,100 miles of voluntary frozen torture known as the Iditarod Trail Invitational.

(photo: Joshua Borough for The New York Times)

Instructor Kathi Merchant, left, and student George Azarias made their way through the snowy terrain of Alaska during a winter training course for the Iditarod Trail Invitational.

“People need to come into it knowing that it’s unlike anything else, in that you really could get hurt out there. You really are on your own.”

By eliminating overnight stops and tripling the distance, organizers of the invitational reimagined the race as a largely unattended free-for-all intended to restore a sense of adventure.

About 90 percent of the entrants have dropped out along the trail.

Pushing the Limit – Snow Meets Survival – An Iditarod Without the Dogs – Series –

Twenty years after the killing of Chico Mendes…

Twenty years after the killing of Chico Mendes the threat of assassination looms large for those involved in opposing the destruction of Brazil’s rainforests…

“Each year on 22 December I ask myself if he died in vain or not. And today, after all these years, the answer is not yet clear to me,” said Alfredo Sirkis

via Hundreds of Brazil’s eco-warriors at risk of assassination, according to new report | World news | The Guardian.

Could global warming wake us up to a better life?

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